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Since 1988

Renie company was founded in 1988 in Novi Sad, as a result of affection for integration of wood and applied art.  Namely, original enterprise of Renie was the manufacturing of unique furniture and interior design for luxury homes and commercial areas. The business was good, but Renie is always “thinking outside the box”…

Renie Turning Point

The year 1997 was the second major milestone in the Renie pilgrimage. It was the year of radical transformation.  The personnel was restructured and enlarged and appropriate, specialized equipment was purchased so that Renie now could focus on industrial production of doors and windows both indoors and outdoors. That was the key factor that turned the small craft shop of art furniture into one of the leading European manufacturer of the modern doors and windows of guarantied quality.  Renie quality is well recognized and awarded via many respectful fair awards that addressed both design and quality. Among those, Renie is proud recipient of the 2002 Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce’s Grand Prize  for industrial door design.

Renie Today...

Presently, Renie serves residential and commercial doors and windows construction needs in Germany, Austria, Italy, Macedonia and Montenegro. Renie modern production facility is fully made according European Union standards and requirements and it covers area of 1300 m2 of the working space.  The carpentry that is produced here proudly contributes toward reputation of RenieIn short, Renie is able to meet the demands of even the most complex projects: it strictly respects agreed deadlines by not compromising quality and superior design.

Renie Partnership Procedure

  • Upon your decision to renovate or make new carpentry, you will supplied Renie with approximate measures either in person or via phone or email.
  • Renie will send you the offer.
  • If you agree with prices and terms, Renie will take concrete measurements.
  • Then the contract of partnership will be signed and down payment will be given.
  • Now production starts.
  • Renie transports and assembles the products.
  • Payment is finalized.
  • Renie provides 24 months guarantee for its products.

Renie Quality

It is understandable that a lot of intelligent and diligent work experience is necessary in order to achieve a top level of quality. And this is exactly why Renie is qualified for the job! Renie puts special emphases on use of modern advance technology and CNC in all phases of its means and goals of production.

  • In dialogue with the team of Renie experts, each and every investor can find an optimal solution for successful realization of any remodeling or building project in terms of both technical and esthetic aspect.
  • Renie will professionally guide you through the selection process of raw materials.
  • Renie pays especial attention to details.
  • The outstanding manufacturer image of Renie is well earned by its maximum professionalism in production, design and outcome quality, and all of this is consistently confirmed by number of prestige awards received at national and international fairs.

Guaranteed delivery deadlines, expert installation and on-going advisory assistance are all together contributing to satisfactory realization of the projects.


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Renie Attests

Production of high quality and specific products that Renie company makes requires certain certificates and attests so that our customers have a guarantee of safety for the products they buy.

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